Curo Pediatrics:
a caring whole-child approach to healthcare.

What makes Curo Pediatrics different? Curo Pediatrics is a concierge Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice, meaning Dr. Fauntleroy works directly for her patient families. We do not accept insurance or bill insurance companies, but for an affordable monthly fee, families are able to access Dr. Fauntleroy directly. This includes well visits, sick visits, management of chronic medical problems, as well as access to Dr. Fauntleroy outside of office hours. 

Dr. Fauntleroy understands that a child’s health is not just related to their physical bodies, but includes their mental and spiritual health as well as their environment, sleep, and nutrition. In order to improve the health of children, she seeks to incorporate a “whole child” approach to the care she provides. 

Our Values At Curo Pediatrics

We value people as wonderfully made by a magnificent Creator and strive to get to know each patient and parent as unique individuals and to treat every person with love and respect
We value your time and strive to honor you by seeing your child on time and being available when you need us 
We value quality medical care and strive to provide the best care we can provide to each patient
We value affordability and strive to keep our subscription prices low and offer as much value as service with your membership, including keeping you out of urgent care or the ER whenever feasible and offering free or reduced price lab testing
We value family and strive to honor the unique roles parents have in their children’s lives by respecting your values and decisions in your child’s healthcare
 We value you and strive to make each member feel like they are a part of our Curo Pediatrics family 

At Curo Pediatrics your child will never be a number or a diagnosis, but a cherished part of our family.

minimal to no wait

with appointments scheduled at your convenience, we make ample time to cover all of your healthcare concerns

contact at anytime

connect with Dr. Fauntleroy by text, phone, or with the patient portal via the mobile app or online

flexible visit options

office visits are in beautiful downtown Clermont, with the option of in-home visits available in most cases

 *A membership at Curo Pediatrics is NOT health insurance. While we do not require patients to have health insurance in order to be patients in our office, it is recommended to have some type of coverage for major medical expenses for hospitalizations and other services not provided through our clinic.

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