4th Trimester Care

Dr. Fauntleroy is currently offering  in-home 4th Trimester care to families living in the south Lake County area.

Congratulations on your new baby! After the diaper cakes and countless casseroles, many mothers, especially new moms, are left to wonder “what’s next?” At Curo Pediatrics, we want to partner with you in this precious season of motherhood. That is why Dr. Fauntleroy now offers 4th trimester care.

She knows that having a new baby at home is very rewarding, but it can be challenging. For some, heading to the pediatrician’s office is the last thing they feel like doing after recently giving birth. With in-home 4th trimester care, Dr. Fauntleroy can come to you and your precious baby! Your newborn, 2 week, and 6 week visits can be done in the comfort of your own home. You will also have access to your baby’s doctor between visits by phone or text. After 6 weeks you can transfer to a traditional pediatric practice or continue on with Dr. Fauntleroy as a member of Curo Pediatrics.

Read here for more information on the 4th trimester, provided by WebMD.

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