Welcome friends from MOPS / The Mom Co!

Thank you MOPS and The Mom Co for allowing me to come and share with your group. It was my pleasure sharing my passion for pediatric health with you. From your fourth trimester to your high-schoolers last semester, I want to partner with you in offering a more caring approach to healthcare. Please take your time exploring our website where you can find more information on what we offer: general pediatric medicine, breastfeeding medicine, 4th trimester care, integrative ADHD care, in-office labs and procedures, and more. There is also information on membership benefits and pricing. Please feel free to talk things over with your family and contact me with any questions you may have by scheduling your free meet and greet! It was great to share with you and I look forward to providing a more caring approach to healthcare with your family soon.


Dr. Connie Fauntleroy, MD, NABBLM-C

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